Overview for the Year 2024

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noAim overview 2024

We are now approaching 2024 and will therefore announce some plans for next year.

Arma 3:

Counter-Strike: Source:

Counter-Strike 2:

  • Development of CS2 servers with Source2mod plugin (Sourcemod for CS2). For the development of plugins such as: Admin Tools, functional Anticheat, Call Admin, VIP/Stammi, Hiping, Afkkicker, etc.
  • The development status of the CS2 servers can be viewed here from the start of server development > https://www.noaim.eu/index.php?project-overview&catid=22


  • Wipe and new beginning from January 1st, 2024.

We will of course expand the member benefits to integrate more functions and special features for noAim'ers on our servers.

Now a few more thanks.

I would like to thank Upd4te for the time he invested in the clan and the patience he invested in the SchlachtHof server. A big thank you.

I would like to thank Gixta for the chic bar at the clan meeting. Thanks!, it was really fun mixing drinks.

I would also like to thank all active members for the last year. Thank you, it was a nice year.

I hope noAim still lives to see 2025!

We wish everyone a happy new year 2024! (soon it starts)