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Forum Rules

Above all, we would like to ask you for respect. This applies in particular to the management, which represents the interests of all in the forum and only makes the quality of the forum possible.

  • Be nice to each other.
    - Please be patient with newcovers.
    - Compliments belong in personal messages (PNs).
    - Allegations and insults are forbidden here.
    - Just then leave other users be. (Don't argue)
  • Search and ask
    - Please use the search function before you ask. So you can find a solution faster and save others some effort.
  • Choose the right forum
    - For better clarity, the forum is divided into sub-forums.
    - Please select the right one, so that the thread can be answered faster.
  • Appropriate headline
    - Choose proper headlines. Topics like "application" or "Hey" are not proper and will be difficult to find again. Please pay attention to the spelling of the headline.
  • Content
    - Make an effort in formulating, spelling and formatting. Phrases without a comma make comprehension difficult.
    - Clear topics are read more often and answered faster.
  • Reply
    - Only answer a topic if you have something important to say that has not been mentioned x times. The content should always be topic-related and also provide a degree of clarity.
  • Retaliate
    - The principle of a forum is always: Help and get help!
  • Use quotes rarely
    - Quotes should be used rarely. Please do not quote any text from the same page and shorten as far as possible.
  • Multiple postings
    - Please never send the same topic twice, not in different sub-forums and not every few days. If a topic should not be considered, give yourself an answer after a few days, so the topic will be back on top!
  • Prohibitions
    - Specially violent, discriminatory, inhuman or otherwise punishable statements are expressly prohibited. Likewise, links to sites with such content.

We also prohibit links without reference to the subject or with commercial intent and the publication of mailing addresses.