DayZ Rules

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  • DayZ Rules:

    Fair Play:

    • Cheats, Exploits, Dupping, Buguse or Glitches are forbidden.
    • Playing together with a cheater is also cheating.


    • Killing bambis (new player) is not being tolerated. (That includes camping spawn points)

    Combat log

    • Disconnecting while in combat or inside another's base is not being tolerated.

    Base Raiding

    • Locking bases of other players is not being tolerated. (That includes locking a base during or after raiding)
    • It's not allowed to destroy anything but the walls/doors you need to get through.

    Base Building:

    • All structures placed should be meant for a base.
    • Structures without a storage will be removed after awhile.
    • Do not build any bases in Military zones, Police stations, Prison, Firestations and Hospitals. (Such bases will be removed without a warning)

    Watch your Language:

    • No racism, sexism, descrimination, homophobia, insulting of any sort will be tolerated. (Wether in voice char or in text chat

    Player Names:

    • Player Names should be changed. (The player name can be changed in the DayZ Launcher)

    How to Report a player, breaking our Rules!?

    • To report other players in breaking any of those rules, just report them in

    ⁠Please write a Ticket in our Discord at http://www.noaim.mein the channel #📕│dayz-support and add either screenshots or a video to the discord ticket private channel. (Upload in discord or use youtube)

    *Updated - 09.06.2024

    "Es ist der Fehler des Fehlers, daß er so leicht zu begehen ist , deshalb wird er auch so selten verfehlt ."

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