Other players can see my location inside buildings - CHEATING?

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  • Apologies if this is a stupid question, I have a job and a family (like many of you) and it will take me some time to fully appreciate all the nuances of Wasteland.

    Every time I stay in a location for a few minutes, e.g. hidden inside a building, a tank comes by, knows exactly where I am at, and kills me before I even have time to react.

    Is this seemingly supernatural ability the result of cheating? Or it is something I am not aware of or have overlooked? Can other players somehow know my exact location?

    Thank you for your time and understanding, and with gratitude to noAim.eu for hosting us.

  • Hey,

    Is it always the same player that is killing you?

    And when you respawned you moving instantly to a house and hide there?

    Are you shooting from this position where you hide or you just hiding without doing something?

    But when you do just nothing and hiding there and just a few minutes later a tank is straight away shooting at you and on nothing else before, also without he can see you, it would be strange yeah.

    Do you have any video evidence?

    Or any names that always killing you with a tank?

  • This has happened twice so far.

    Just lay hiding, without shooting or even moving. I can hear the tank coming and stopping outside the building. Then either the tank demolished the building I was in (first time) or a player came into the building and killed me, knowing exactly where I was hiding.

    Not sure if it's the same player. It is weird indeed, possibly cheating. If I have the courage to play again on the server I will report any player doing that.

    Just to be sure: How can I know the name of the player who killed me?

    BTW thank you for responding.

  • YannisP

    Changed the title of the thread from “Other players can see my location?” to “Other players can see my location inside buildings - CHEATING?”.
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