Player Mickie threatening and initiating ingame votekicking

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  • Dear noAims admins,

    I would like to report player Mickie.



    Apparently claims to be a previous admin on your server. Though I am glad he is not any longer as his behaviour is childish and definitely not worthy of one. Hes also threatening people by getting Zero involved.

    Claims that I am violent and asked people to votekick me ingame today at 17:25, however, I do not write, I do not speak. I only play my game.

    Furthermore, the reason why I called an admin is due to the reason that player Hakuna Matata (STEAM_0:1:26487352) is continuously and repeatedly votekicking and votebanning players for no reason. Please just check the log only for today on this player and the truth will speak on its own.

    Also, I only trust admins who are present here and taking the necessary action as I have never been disrespectful to anyone from the beginning of my gameplay on your server unless being attacked and claiming for something that I am not, a cheater.

    Thanks and best regards,


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