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Hello new player! Nice that you visited us.

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    I do confirm and agree that insults can be simply ignored and the person can be just muted. Trolls will always be there and most of us can take it.

    However, whats bothering me is when the guy starts using "votekick" and "voteban" and inciting other players to ban just because we kill him as he's always playing long with the para.... that is another issue. All I gotta say is, he's been muted before, temp. banned before, but still did not learn his lesson.

    On the other hand, we have other players such as bulletproof who suffered a ban for repetitively shooting barrels and preventing gameplay!? I think I can manage that better in-game than a repetitive bully as it is not within our own hands. Just saying.

    However, I do appreciate Upd4te continuing to maintain cleanliness on the server for this matter.

    There's no more point of talking about Toni because I saw him online yesterday. Thus most likely unbanned already. I am just glad that admins are applying the rules to everyone fairly & equally, doesn't matter if you are good or bad, long term or short term players - however, you are most of the time given second chances to learn from your mistakes.

    I must say though that the H!ghFather is either very good at the game or very good at concealing his WH. I agree that hours and accounts are irrelevant as anyone can change it or keep adding. What I would suggest is to pay a bit more attention solely on his gameplay the next time you are on the server - you might then maybe agree with the concerns that Speedmaster and I have.

    All in all, as you have mentioned above, there is fewer and fewer servers on css indeed, besides the very reason of why we are trying to maintain it as clean and fun as possible while it lasts.

    Hello Mickie,

    Thanks again for your long explanation, but you cannot be serious, are you?

    I am not sure if you are taking us for fools and/or naïve human beings. The bind or unbind of your account is now irrelevant. We have given you more than two chances and rather owning your truth and apologize, you came back and insulted all of us. Once again, you decided to erase all chatlogs but this time in the forum on the previous thread. You knew exactly what you were doing, your misbehavior and misconduct were cleared as crystal to all of us, even then, you tried to justify yourself and mislead everyone with your non-sense. I told you when you threatened me that I will go to the forum and complain about you, you sounded so confident that people would be gullible enough to believe you over me, but you were definitely wrong. We live in the 21st century where everything that you do and say is being backed up and saved. You need to wake up, this is not a dream, you dug your own grave. I will not stop and rest as you need to remain banned. You are in my crosshair now bro. Do not say that you misbehaved for only two days, because it was more than that - on the server and now also on the forum. I am sorry to say that the evidences only spoke the truth and the entire noAim community knows how toxic you are by now. It is indeed time to end this topic together and for you to move onto another server because you are bad influence mate. You should have not thought twice but as many as a dozen times before speaking and acting, but you still did not get the sign as your rage consumed you and this is something that cannot unfortunately be changed and resolved overnight.

    I still stand by my last statement that I am against you being reinstated in SchlachtHof :|: Dust2 Only :|: *noAWP //



    Dear noAim Admins,

    I would like to protest the unbanning of MickieJames.

    But let me keep it real with you, Mickie, many of us thought you were a good player, I myself did. I always give the benefit of the doubt before judging someone. A legal principle motto that I love is, “you are innocent until proven guilty”, and sadly you are definitely guilty of misconduct as you were getting killed more and more during games time. Your true colors finally came out and you couldn’t hold your tongue any longer. For me indeed, applying to the clan is not the issue here, advertising it seems to be the case. Another problem to that is the fact that you threatened many of us by mentioning that you were an admin of noAim, not an applicant, but rather a previous player who used to be an admin, making and knowing the rules of noAim, you also claimed and threatened many of us by having Zero come in-game to punish us for whatever we did, such as camping, etc. I did not mention the fact that you also added me in your friendlist, and hereon I thought you wanted to be a friend, but then you attacked me and threatened me via steam chat that Zero will ban me and that he will punish me for my claimed violence towards players, something that I never done and never will do, and the reason of why I have opened a complaint thread against you as I no longer had any respect for you.

    I am sorry to say that you are a liar and a manipulator. The most outrageous part was you creating a whole thread against me by putting words into my mouth as well as attacking/calling out another strong player 5ch0lli on other threads, was absolutely mind-blowing, outrageous and definitely unacceptable.

    You seem to enjoy resetting your stats as well as to hide the truth of all that has been said and done in game.

    I wish you the best of luck on other servers, but I am against you being reinstated in SchlachtHof :|: Dust2 Only :|: *noAWP // as you are a bad influence and a toxic player to the noAim community.

    I apologize if I am mixing topics, but thought it was relevant to protest here by giving my 2cents. I also would like to apologize to Gixta for reopening a subject that is already closed.



    Dear noAim Admins,

    Can you please do something about the freevotes, it is getting to the point where players are now constantly votekicking you for no reason.

    Player Bester Mann :)


    Player Cosplayspongo


    Player JAP


    Player Thermo


    Player Hakuna Matata


    Chats says all, and the freevotes counts as well. Good players are facing constantly backlash and its getting really tiring.

    Thanks and best regards,


    First of all, Its funny that you mention that I votekick, but I did not. I called an admin right away because Goofy has not changed since 5 years, and still did not changed today after all that has been given to him, such as muting, such as banned for 24 hours, such as banned for over over 1 week. I did not want to get involved with this player, so I wanted them to sort it out for me. I have already complained about him many threads ago and upd4te mentioned that actions will be taken against those.

    2nd of all, the text you just wrote I did not write that today. Just because I mentioned 17:25, doesnt mean you need to make things up. Thanks for being a drama queen and making it seems like its legit but you are not and you are in the wrong.

    Its beneath me how delusional this thread is.


    Dear noAims admins,

    I would like to report player Mickie.



    Apparently claims to be a previous admin on your server. Though I am glad he is not any longer as his behaviour is childish and definitely not worthy of one. Hes also threatening people by getting Zero involved.

    Claims that I am violent and asked people to votekick me ingame today at 17:25, however, I do not write, I do not speak. I only play my game.

    Furthermore, the reason why I called an admin is due to the reason that player Hakuna Matata (STEAM_0:1:26487352) is continuously and repeatedly votekicking and votebanning players for no reason. Please just check the log only for today on this player and the truth will speak on its own.

    Also, I only trust admins who are present here and taking the necessary action as I have never been disrespectful to anyone from the beginning of my gameplay on your server unless being attacked and claiming for something that I am not, a cheater.

    Thanks and best regards,


    I would like to add this following player to the list:

    GameME Profile - niemand:

    Also, shockingly, I would like to also ask you to tell your admin Drake to also refrain himself from accusing people of cheating and just do his job as an admin, to monitor and be neutral rather than add fuel to the fire. Thanks

    12 May 2023 20:55:56Mafia dein hack funktioniert noch richtig gut

    Hello Upd4te,

    Thanks a lot for your feedback.

    As long as you are aware, it is more than enough for me. The goal here is to enjoy while it lasts. Your server is one of the few best remaining. Thus, it is appreciated by many when admins are taking actions, especially to those players whom are getting out of line and are regulars to your server. It should not be tolerated.



    Hello NoAim Admins,

    I am not the type that usually would come on a forum to start complaining. However, if people are starting to start votekicking/votebanning for no reason, now it is becoming a problem as it is affecting the gameplay and the trashtalk.

    I would like to especially mention the following players:

    - niemand. STEAM_0:1:9502479

    - InDio STEAM_0:0:20753053

    - Hakuna Matata STEAM_0:1:26487352

    All the proofs are in chatlogs.

    For information, these players have already been muted for either 1 week or 1 months with previous admins in the past years. They should already be known to you and I hope you do something about it. There should be no surprises there. It is not only me whos facing backlash but rather multiple good players on your server. Not to only mention that they only dare do this when Drake is not around. It is not acceptable.