What happened to Western Sahara, Arma 3?

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  • Hello,

    I was just doing my morning-routine, completing some missions on the A3 Western-Sahara Server. There must have been some changes within the last two weeks.

    Like locked Crates dropped from missions, no "useful" AT-Launchers from Gunstore... that's what I noticed so far.

    Missions: what's the point of doing missions, if it's dropping locked crates that you can't pick up? Is it a bug?

    Launchers: I feel like the Tanks in A3 are pretty OP when it comes to Infantry vs. Tanks (the range, firerate, zeroing, etc...). What is the point in removing the only useful

    Items against Tanks from Gunstores? No Vorona, no Titan AT....

    Call me a pussy, but I'm not going to play on the Sahara Server for now, until it's more balanced again. There are not so many players on there anyway, but I truly think it will

    be even less from now on.

    Greetings from Germany, Leander

  • Hello,

    on the noAim Western Sahara we disabled Vorona's and AT Titan's 2 weeks after the release of the Server. (This was a Community decision in Discord in the past)

    the mission may be bugged due to Western Sahara changing its build version. (We run 2 different Wasteland Builds > Stratis (none Base Building) or Altis (Base Building) Build)

    due to the low player count we will revert the community decision for the Vorona and AT Titan's

    we will also fix the mission bug in the next up coming hotfix.

    "Es ist der Fehler des Fehlers, daß er so leicht zu begehen ist , deshalb wird er auch so selten verfehlt ."

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