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    • Official Post

    We are open and grateful for every suggestion, criticism and feedback.

    Unfortunately, we cannot always implement everything that is desired, but most of it.

    Please do not be put off by other users who disagree. (Who consider your idea senseless or unnecessary)

    What is currently not possible:

    • Construction of new maps (currently no mapper in the clan) *CSS/TF2/CSGO
    • VIP/Admin Skins *CSS/TF2/CSGO
    • No modding possible (currently no available devs) *DayZ/Arma 3

    For desired server:

    Since we have several root servers, it is possible for us to put additional servers online, also in other games. If you think noAim should build a server in a existing or another game, please write us which game and which mode

    Important: We will not copy a server or its settings.

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