Arma 3 - Statistics reset

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Reset for:
Arma 3 Wasteland: Stratis, Tanoa, Malden, Altis & Western Sahara


The reset of all statistics is automatic!

After purchase, all of your player kills, AI kills, revives, captures, and team kills will be resetted. If your Page account is not Steam validated yet, then you are able to find the instructions "how-To" by hovering over the "Profile not Steam validated" button with your mouse.

noAim Wasteland Server:

  • Stratis
  • Tanoa
  • Malden
  • Altis
  • Western Sahara

Arma 3 statistic page:

  • The data will be reset after the next update of the statistics

Monetization Rules:

The noAim Arma 3 servers are adapted to the Monetization Rules from Bohemia Interactive.

This process cannot be undone!


  • Arma 3 - Statistics reset
    EUR 5.00

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