VIP - Arma 3 - 1 Month

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1 Month - VIP Pack for:
Arma 3 Wasteland: Stratis, Tanoa, Malden, Altis & Western Sahara.


VIP activation is automatic.

You will buy the VIP Basic Pack and the VIP Arma 3 Wasteland Pack.

VIP basic package:

  • VIP forums area
  • VIP Discord channel
  • VIP Discord icon
  • VIP Teamspeak icon

VIP for Arma 3 Wasteland:

  • Player Menu clothing coloring button
  • Player Menu vehicle coloring button
  • VIP HVT color menu (High Value Target)
  • VIP textures
  • Team Balance Immunity
  • 1 Suicide extra sound
  • Viper SUV Skin
  • Police Hatchback Skin
  • Exclusive Taunts

Arma 3 statistics:

  • You will get more options and details on the Arma 3 Stats page.

Reserved Slot:

  • Access to a reserved slot if available (5 available). (The Reserved Slot is available from 12 am UTC+1 on the following day of purchase)

Monetization Rules:

The noAim Arma 3 servers are adapted to the Monetization Rules from Bohemia Interactive.


  • VIP - Arma 3 - 1 Month
    EUR 10.00

Price excluding sales tax