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    CSS/CSGO/TF2: Server-Rules

    1. No Cheats
      - It is not tolerated to cheat on our servers. (Bhophack, Wallhack, Aimbot, Trigger, ESP, Soundhack, Aimbot, Hooks, etc...)
      - It is not tolerated to use a Lagswitch on our servers.
      - It is not tolerated to use textures or sounds on noaim servers that are filtered with sv_pure using a bypass. (Material or Soundhack)
      - It is not tolerated to use Macros / Autohotkeys (AutoFire, Bhop, No-Recoil) on our servers.
    2. Smurfing (CSGO/TF2)
      - If you play on account that has a low play count of some hours and/or are private without any ranks/stats (ESEA, FaceIT or private account informations) may have a chance being banned.
      - The main account will be banned If the Smurf account gets banned.
    3. Respect / no Swearing
      - It is not tolerated to provoke, swear or insult on our servers.
      - Racism is forbidden on our servers.
      - Attacks against Females or Males is not being tolerated.
    4. Behavior
      - It is not being tolerated to use pornographic spray logos or bad names.
      - Votebans/kicks without a reason are forbidden. (Free Voteban/kick)
      - If you voteban a player with the reason "Cheater" you need to record a demo.
      - Namefake or Clantag fake is forbidden. (eg. noAim-Faker or noAim-clones such as no***, **Aim)
    5. Advertisement
      - Membersearch is not being tolerated on all of the noAim servers (Only allowed for Members)
      - Do not post a server IP or Community/Clan URL on our servers per Steam, Chat or Voice.
    6. Voice
      - You have to be above 16 to be able to talk on our servers. (Admins decision)
      - Do not talk at the round end because of lagspikes. (CSS)
      - Mic- and Chatspamming is not being tolerated.
    7. Call Abuse
      - It is not allowed to spam the !call function. Troll reporter may be banned without any warning.
    8. AFK
      - It is not tolerated to be AFK longer then 2-3 minutes.
    9. Buguse
      - It is forbidden to jump/bug yourself out of the map.
      - Do not use any glitches on maps (like for example: to jump around traps like in Deathrun)
    10. Found a Bug
      - If you find any bugs please post them either on our Discord or in our Forum.

    zEro. ist allowed to camp either in the weapon room on the Jail server or in the spawn area on the public servers. Since he uses the zEro Tactic.

    *Aktualisiert - 14.02.2022

  • zEro.

    Changed the title of the thread from “Server Regeln” to “Server Regeln/Rules”.

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