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    1. No Cheaten
      - Cheating is not being tolerated and will be punished with an exlusion from our clan. You will also be banned on all of our servers.
      - A VAC/Gameban/SMAC/Battleye or Easychat Ban on the Main, Second, Third, etc... account will be punished with an exlusion from our clan. (also smurf accounts)
    2. Respect / no insults
      - Insulting and swearing is not being tolerated.
      - The clan only allows names that are not offensive or insulting.
      - Respect is an important part in the clan. (A "hallo" or a"bye" is appropriate for greeting and farewell in Teamspeak)
    3. Discord/Steam/Teamspeak
      - Every member has to join the noAim Clan Steam group.
      - Every member should join the noAim discord. (GS Admins are bound to this rule)
      - Every member is bound to use Teamspeak, and should be on our TS while playing on our servers. (GS Admins are bound to this rule)
    4. Clantag
      - Members are obliged to wear the clan tag "noAim| " in front of their Steam name.
      - The member name must be indentical to name used on the noAim page. (Otherwise there could be a clan tag fake ban)
      - It is not allowed to be in another clan or to wear multiple clan tags.
      - It is not allowed to use the clan tag function in CS:S/CS:GO/TF2.
    5. Disputed/Provoking
      - Disputes in the clan are being discussed and clarified in TS with a member of the clan management.
      - Disputes are resolved exclusively in our TS, Discord or via forum PM. (Not in a forum thread)
      Important: If there are disputes between serveral members, then report these to the clan management. (Demo/Screenshots would be an advantage)
    6. Aktivity
      - Every member has to inform themselves at least twice a week about the noAim Clanpage innovations (You need to log into the page for this)
      - Each member must seen on our Teamspeak at least once every 2 weeks.
      - If you are absent for a longer period of time, you must write in the "absence list" how long you are absent and why. ("private" is also a sufficient reason)
    7. Events
      - Every member is bound to show up at the clan meetings. If you are unable to attend on this date, please unsubscribe at the clan meeting on the event page.
      - It is appreciated that members actively participate in clan events.
    8. Others
      - It is not being tolerated that members share their steam accounts with other players. (Due to cheating or rule breaking)
      - Members have to behave in an exemplary manner on the servers. (Not only noAim servers)
      - Every member is obliged to fill out their profile on the noaim page.
      - Clan intern stuff is not for public use.

    Anyone who disregards one or more of these rules must expect consequences and may be punished with an exlusion from our clan.

    *Aktualisiert - 14.02.2022

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